Sebastian Hair Spray - Excellent Choice

Sebastian Shaper HairSpray

Sebastian Shaper is a name that is widely trusted in the hair style industry. As such, we were not surprised to see this hair spray make our list. We liked it for many reasons, but above all, we appreciated it as a solid product without much focus on the bells and whistles. Unlike many other products we reviewed, this Sebastian hair spray does not provide additional benefits such as shiny hair or sun-resistance. However, it does what it does very well - and that is keep hair in place.

Specs at a glance:

Hair Spray Type: Flexible

Special Features: None

Hold Duration: 6 hours

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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What We Love:

Exceptional Pricing

One of the best prices on the market, hands down. If you want a fundamentally strong hair spray for everyday use that will keep your hair style together throughout the entire day, this is your best option.

Fundamentally Sound Hair Spray

There are no tricks when it comes to this product. We really like it because it is easy to apply and it does its job effectively for hours on end. This is one of the few flexible hair sprays we tested that regularly lasted longer than a typical work day.

Long Hold For A Flexible Hair Spray

When compared to most products we reviewed, this product performed better than the rest when it came to hold-tests for flexible hair sprays. Generally speaking, the hold lasted almost a full 2 hours longer with this spray than any of the competitors.

One Of The Best Anti Humidity Hair Products

Many hair sprays react very poorly to humid conditions, resulting in the dreaded helmet head. Unlike many of its competitors, this product was particularly resistant to this effect and allowed long-term hold to occur regardless of climate.

What Needs Improvement:

What Needs Improvement
No Bells and Whistles

Unlike most hair sprays we reviewed, this product does not provide many additional benefits to its holding properties. In other words, no additional shine, no additional volume and no benefits such as sun protection or allowing you to re-style your hair after it is set. This is not a huge let-down, but if you are looking for a hair spray that goes above and beyond the traditional use of the product, this is probably not the right one for you.

Not Ideal for Short, Thick Hair

Most hairstyles involving short hair require a medium- or maximum-hold hair spray to maximize hold and keep hair in place. While this hair spray did fairly well on this point, there are better alternatives when dealing with short, thick hair. It performed well in its’ ideal zone - basic hairstyles involving waves or light curls, but did less well when it came to up-dos and spikes.

Our Conclusion:

As far as hair sprays go, this one is a great choice for basic, everyday use. It has an exceptional hold duration and performed much better than many other flexible hair sprays. Additionally, the ability of this hair spray to keep its hold regardless of humidity was a huge factor in our decision to showcase this product. We found that it worked for all kinds of different hairstyles, but it was most effective when used on long, fine hair to create a wavy or lightly-curled effect. The pricing sets it apart from most other products on the market, making this the ideal choice for someone simply looking to create a hairstyle that lasts all day at a good price.

Learn more about this Sebastian hair spray on Amazon, or take a look at one of our other great, reviewed products like Paul Mitchell Flexible Super Clean Hair Spray. All of this hairsprays are competitively priced on Amazon.

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