How Do I Know If A Synthetic Hair Wig Is Right For Me?

It can be overwhelming to make a decision with the wide variety of hair wigs and extensions available. In order to make an informed purchase, you first need to know the differences in styles, as well as what is best for your hair.

Synthetic hair has come a long way in recent years.  With the latest technological advances, synthetic wigs are made to have the look and feel of natural hair. In many cases it is now almost impossible to tell the difference between synthetic and real hair.  

Avoid Wrecking Your Synthetic Wig By Using Approved Products

While styling a synthetic wig is much easier than styling a traditional wig, you need to ensure that you are using the correct styling products, so the artificial hairs are not damaged. It is best to use one of the many lines of hair care products specifically made for synthetic hair wigs, as products designed for human hair are extremely damaging for synthetic fibres.revlon finishing spray

Shampoos and conditioners designed for wigs are created with gentle cleansers that will not dry out the synthetic hair. Remember: each time the wig is washed, its lifespan is shortened. Use as few styling products as possible to avoid the rewashing the wig. If you use a lot of sprays and mousses, your wig will require a lot more shampooing in order to be well cleansed. Hairspray that is used for natural hair will seriously damage your synthetic hair wig.  Should you need to use a hairspray, buy one that is designed for use on extensions and wigs.

One of the best hairsprays for wigs is the Finishing Spray for Synthetic Hair by Revlon Professional.  This wig spray for synthetic hair is a finishing spray with a flexible hold, that is never stiff or unnatural. The Revlon Professional finishing spray is humidity resistant, and has low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). When using this wig spray you must hold the nozzle at least 10” to 12” away from the hairpiece, and lightly apply as needed. This spray is very affordable and can be found at any beauty supply store or wig shop.

brandywine wig spray aerosolAnother one of the best hairsprays for wigs is theBrandywine Wig Spray Aerosol. This wig spray for synthetic hair can hold styles firmly and beautifully. It keeps the hair easy to manage and comb. This hairspray is great because it does not leave a film on the synthetic hair like some other sprays do.

The specialized formula is designed to provide superior body and styling control. The hair remains healthy and natural looking, while still having a firm day long hold. Plant extracts add shine and softness without creating a damaging buildup on the wig. This product is also water soluble and can be removed from the wig with a light shampoo.brandywine wig spray

Brandywine also offers a non-aerosol version that is safe for both natural and synthetic wigs.  This product is a heavier hold than the aerosol version, but offers the same hold. It is a water soluble solution, that will not leave your wig with a sticky residue.

Our favorite hairspray for synthetic wigs is the Henry Margu Finish Holding Spray. This easy-to-use spray gives you control of your hairstyle, while determining the type of hold you want. You can use less for a soft yet natural style, or more for a dramatic look. This formula does not flake, and dries instantly while not building up on the wig. This salon quality wig hair spray is safe for both natural and synthetic wigs.

Henry Margu offers a fabulous line of wig styling products, which is why we love the Henry Margu Shape Defining Spritz. This product adds versatility to your wigs, whether you want to restyle your current wig, or a fresh new style. It is also an amazing product to use when you need to tame those fly-away hairs.

Don’t Forget About The Synthetic Wig Styling Tools You’ll Need!

Along with the wig sprays needed for synthetic hair, you will need to purchase some styling tools and products to keep your wig looking great! Here are the essentials:

  1. A Wig Stand & Cap

We recommend the Revlon Folding Wig Stand. It’s easy to use and is ideal for everyday or travel. This wig stand will help keep the shape of your wig overnight. Using any wig stand will retain the shape, and strands, of your synthetic hair.

The Antibacterial Wig Cap is specially woven with thread that acts as an antibacterial agent, which is what makes it so great. Wearing a wig cap under your wig is an itch-free way of protecting your scalp. These Antibacterial wig caps stay fresh by absorbing odor, and remaining cool, comfortable and fit any sized head.

  1. A Wig Adhesive

You will need a wig glue to ensure that your wigs don’t slide off during the day and the It Stays Wig Adhesive will do that, and more! It holds your wig securely in place but it can also be used to secure your clothing, stockings, knee highs, socks, bandages, hats, turbans, bra straps, and costumes in place. The best part is that the adhesive completely washes off with water.

      3. A Wig Comb

You will need a comb designed for wigs in order to achieve lift and body.  The Deluxe Wig Lift Comb is perfect for both detangling and styling your synthetic wig. It is easy to use, and will eliminate static from your synthetic wig.

Why You Need Wig Spray For Your Synthetic Hair

The best part about synthetic hair is that is can be worn without the need to style. Artificial hair is also more affordable than wigs made with real hair, while being more resistant to humidity and rain. This added protection comes from the memory within the synthetic hair fibres, allowing the strands to bound into place with little to no effort from the wearer!

Even though it is extremely durable, it is important to make it look amazing.  Using these products and tips will help you maintain a beautiful, natural looking synthetic wig easily at home. Enjoy the versatility of wearing wigs everyday.  


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