The Best Humidity Hair Sprays For You!

The 3 Best Hair Products For Humidity

We’ve all been there. We want a gorgeous new hairstyle, we get our hair done for a special event, we walk out into a hot, muggy day...and it all falls apart. Hair goes everywhere, no amount of touch-ups can reduce the frizziness and by the end of the night we look like a mess - and there’s nothing hot about it. This is the effect humidity has one hair. Throughout the day, your hair absorbs water from the air, weighing it down and changing its structure. This results in hair changing directions, losing curls, getting flat and clumping together.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case every day. Science has come a long way with regards to reducing hair frizziness and a lot of new hair sprays are coming out which are humidity resistant, allowing you to retain strong, bouncy curls and voluminous hair throughout the day. There are multiple methods for making this happen, and we will list them with a few products we feel get the job done extremely well.

humidity hair spray

This Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray is one of the best flexible-hold, humidity-resistant hair sprays on the market. It is formulated for light application and allows you to put your hairstyle in place with a medium-hold hair spray’s ability to keep it in place. What we like most about this product is that it retains its hold with very little needed. Simply mist both sides of your layers before styling and you are good to go for the evening.

It is particularly useful when used on fine hair, since it does not carry enough hold strength to work effectively with thick, coarse hair. However, it will help you retain your hairstyle and is especially good when used for curls.

humidity hair spray

This hair spray was a good surprise when we were introduced to it. It performs like a maximum-hold hair spray but weights in like a medium-hold option. This means that you can afford to apply less product to your hair, resulting in larger volume, more bounce and less droop due to gravity. The big wins for this product are the clean application, the ability to shift hairstyles throughout the day, and the complete humidity protection it offers.

Additionally, it held one of the longest hold times of any product we tested under humid conditions, meaning it is ideal for use in any climate, any time. We were impressed by the flexibility the formula offered to our hair since most hair sprays tend to keep a style in place rather than allowing a new one to be created half way through the day. Long story short, this product impressed us and we think it will do the same for you.

This is a great general-purpose hair spray when it comes to humidity protection. It can be used for any type of hair. A word of warning - this product can dehydrate your hair over the long term, so it should probably not be used excessively if you are curling your hair.

top humidity hair spray

Definitely one of the most impressive hair sprays we tested. There is a reason why this product has been used on the red carpet more than almost any other hair product on the market. While the extra-strong hold is great for keeping hair in place, it is doubled up by the fact that this product is extremely water-resistant and will keep your hair free of extra humidity by stopping the absorption process.

This means that you can be out for the entire day in a muggy environment, and your hairstyle will simply laugh off any water that comes its way. Although hair tends to become a bit stiff after prolonged use, this is a great product when used sparingly. We suggest having it in your arsenal for those really muggy days when you absolutely need a hairstyle to stay in place.

It is especially useful for those with coarse hair, since coarse hair is notoriously resistant to any attempts to keep it neat and tidy in humid conditions. This is a great way to show your hair who’s boss.

3 Tips For Choosing An Anti - Humidity Hair Spray

Best humidity hair spray

Tip #1: Start with aerosols

Aerosols by their very nature do not contain any water. This means that you are not weighing your hair down with heavy liquids and therefore the impact of gravity on your hairstyle will be reduced. Additionally, any liquid that touches your hair gives humidity a head start since it is already absorbing water before being touched by heat.

Tip #2: Seal off your hair

The reason hair sprays are so effective at reducing frizz is that they create a protective seal around your hair which stops it from absorbing water. It is key to remember that an incomplete barrier will not stop water from being absorbed, so simply misting your hair may not be sufficient. Make sure that you are applying hair spray on every level of your hair, both exposed and not. This will create a complete water-resistant barrier and reduce frizziness. However, you also want to avoid applying too much hair spray since this can weigh down your hair and make your hairstyle limp.

Tip #3: For best results, use hair sprays with alcohol

Alcohol is a natural water absorber. This is important when used in hair spray since it can pull water away from your hair and reduce the frizz experienced during a muggy day. That being said, alcohol will dehydrate your hair and prolonged use of these products combined with regular curling or exposure to extreme heat will fry your hair and make it difficult to style. Always remember to limit your use of alcohol-based hair products for the days you really need them.

We have taken the time to do the research on the market and see which hair products perform the best when it comes to reducing the impact of humidity on your hair style. Above are our top 3 picks of humidity hair spray for different kinds of hair.